Handy Hints from Matthew
My Sony D-CJ500 skips whilst playing MP3s

Okay, I recently bought a Sony D-CJ500 - to play MP3s whilst on a plane. However, it skips like nothing else. The solution is actually quite simple. Burn the CD as non-multisession and as DISC-AT-ONCE. Then the problem all goes away. I thought originally it'd be something hard, like it not liking the ID3 tags or something. But, it's just how you burn the CD.

ADSL Shaper Scripts with IPTABLES

The ADSL Shaper scripts out there weren't powerful enough for me and difficult to define traffic flows. So, I've modified them to include marking packets using iptables. ADSL Shape is here.

Internode Tunnels Under Linux

I use Internode as an ISP. Their excellent Business Service (BADSL) needs to use tunnels to route IP ranges to you properly (blame Telstra's inflexible ADSL service). If you go here you can see how I did it under Redhat Linux.

PopTop Hints

People seem to have a few standard issues with PopTop and getting it to work. Look at my hints for figuring out what's going wrong.

Updated: 19/1/2004